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Stoney Creek

Burnaby, British Columbia

Stoney Creek is a small but viable salmon-bearing creek comprising over 4 km of watercourses along the main stem and four tributaries. Its upper reaches on Burnaby Mountain are fed by groundwater, rain and snow. The main stem has been channelized in places, forms a series of meanders in Stoney Creek Park, and then runs through an attractive ravine, eventually flowing into the Brunette River. Chum and coho salmon return to spawn every fall, and cutthroat and steelhead in winter and spring.

Stoney Creek is part of the Brunette watershed which also includes the following streams: Silver Creek, Eagle Creek, Beecher Creek, Still Creek, Massey Creek, Deer Creek and Beaver Creek. On Burnaby's south slope there is also Byrne Creek. Some of these have active streamkeeper groups. In addition, the Sapperton Fish and Game Club monitors conditions in the Brunette River and operates a breeding hatchery for salmonids.


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10th Apr 2014
Indian Plum photos by Randy Snyder and group photo by Louise G.

Spring is Popping Out All Over!

Ahhhh, what a glorious first day of spring this March 20th is. A symphony of bird songs tickles our ears as we walk past puddles topped with a thin skin...

31st Mar 2014
Water monitoring graph

Water quality update

John Templeton has captured two recent high conductivity events with values over 6000 micro-Siemens/cm!  We believe this is the result of large amounts of road salt spread on SFU roads...

16th Mar 2014
Hoar Frost photo by Alan Russell

What are we Doing out Here?

Sun, cloud;  minus 2 – not a bad day for bird watching – until … you step out of the warm car … and wham … it his you full force –...

25th Feb 2014
Photo by Wendy Snyder

A Precious Jewel in your Midst


11th Feb 2014
Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 7.08.42 PM

Kickstarter project finished

SCEC opened a project to support the SFU/SCEC water quality monitoring project. Although it failed to reach the goal of $1000, this crowed sourcing method did indicate there was community...

11th Feb 2014

The Thrill of the Hunt

Scarf, wool socks, double gloves, long johns, sunglasses, bird book AND binoculars … ready set count!

08th Feb 2014
Data Logger

First data arrives from SFU data logger

Discussion of current datalogger project showing sample graphs.

12th Jan 2014
Spill location

Coal train spill into Silver Creek

See update at bottom. A CN train derailed about 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 11, 2014.  See the video from helicopter: